An Ore.node™ module for structural logging developed to facilitate and improve the collection of structural data in oriented core. Exceptional at handling linear and kinematic features, this software also easily captures fold asymmetries, facing and shear sense. Its simplicity allows even recent graduates and technicians to collect complex structural features like a pro.    

vSET™ is based on a new geometrical reading method developed by Rogerio Monteiro in 2001, and is the best practices in major companies worldwide. It significantly improves the acquisition of structural data, particularly  lineations' measurement - a key factor for the understanding of the geometry of orebodies.

This software module includes a nodes editor (control center), a spreadsheet (data enter), a 3D viewport (boreholes and structural data visualization) and a     Stereonet viewport. These are all integrated and the collected data is updated in all views simultaneously. The vSET™  module is capable of running on a Microsoft Surface tablet, significantly improving efficiency and data visualization on-site and in real-time.